A New Representative For Hometown Values

Businesses & Jobs

Broadband high speed internet should be a available to every home and business in our community. Internet is a critical need for individuals to continue to live in rural areas and create jobs. We should consider creating a rural broadband project model after the Rural Electrification Project. Government can best help to create jobs by giving everyone access to a great affordable education and job training programs that partner with businesses to train workers in the skills needed by businesses.
Special emphasis should be on job training in the trades where we have a shortage of skilled workers.


Karla’s three girls graduated from the public school system. Karla believes public education is critical to give everyone the opportunity to succeed.

She understands teachers need more support so they can focus on education basics. Classrooms are overcrowded, teaches are underpaid, teachers are buying classroom supplies and the federal government still refuses to fund the special education mandate. Anyone who says teachers are overpaid has never spent a day alone in a classroom with 25 – 30 children! Karla wants to move away from primary reliance on the property tax, which burdens our businesses and families, because it doesn’t consider household or business income.

Karla will vote against any more unfunded mandates on our schools.

The tuition at the University of Minnesota and all community colleges must stop going up so that every Minnesotan who wants to go to college can afford to attend our land grant university and college system. Karla believes the better solution would be for the state to increase the per pupil reimbursement to school districts. The legislature could also help school districts by creating a revolving no interest loan fund for upgrading and remodeling our schools to create smaller, safer and more energy efficient classrooms.

Government Mandates

It’s time to end unfunded mandates by the state legislature for schools, townships, cities and counties.
As a former day care provider, Karla saw the burden of regulatory overreach in a well-meaning attempt to prevent every possible mishap that could happen at a daycare.

Government and local businesses can work hand in hand as partners to strengthen our communities through business loan programs and assistance in complying with safety, health, environmental and tax regulations.


As the wife of a dairy farmer, Karla understands that it is critically important that farmers get a fair price for their product. It is also important that local independent farmers to have input into farm policy along with agribusiness and environmental groups. Read More

Health care: Affordable Health Insurance Premiums - Buy-in option for MnCare

Karla believes it is time that all Minnesotans regardless of income can afford health insurance premiums. For two years, the Minnesota Legislature has refused to even consider this plan the Farmers Union’s plan to allow all persons, regardless of income to buy into MnCare.

Karla believes the government should allow anyone who is unable to afford their health insurance premium to buy into MnCare. This plan would take the burden of providing health care off businesses while providing individuals with access to less expensive health insurance. Read More

Health Care: Opioid and Meth crisis

We need more law enforcement resources in fighting Meth trafficking. We need to support our Attorney General in fighting drug companies who have allowed their dangerous addictive drugs to be dispensed within warnings and to be sold to drug traffickers. Emergency personnel and hospitals need access to Naloxone to help with drug overdoes. We need a more public health marketing to warn against the dangers of drug abuse.


Karla grew up hunting and her family is a member of the Rice Sportsman’s Club. She supports efforts by Ducks Unlimited and Pheasants Forever to protect our wildlife habitat.

Guns are also important for self-defense in rural areas.

Karla trains business and emergency responders so she believes strongly in training our children in safe handling of guns. If elected she will support requiring all gun sales, other than between family members, to go through the local registered firearms dealer as everyone in her community does now. Karla also supports laws that allow a family members or law enforcement to go to court to consider temporarily remove weapons from persons diagnosed as too dangerous to own a gun.


Karla worked for many years as a childcare worker and training childcare providers, so she understands the difficulties parents through the earlier difficult child rearing years. She believes all families should have the ability to stay home from the first three months of their child’s life to make sure they get a good start in life.

Karla supports a statewide parental insurance program just like the unemployment or social security disability insurance program in which all employees regardless of where they work or how much they earn, would pay a small premium so that when a child is born, the parent can stay home full time for the first three months of the child’s life.

Respect for Life

Karla is pro-life and her pro-life views are more than just being against abortion, but also about creating a whole life culture that supports its most vulnerable populations – pregnant women, children, the disabled, the elderly and the mentally ill. The Positive Alternatives Act, passed by Democratic Senate Majority Leader Dean Johnson back in 2005, provides funding to non-profit organizations, including the St Cloud Pregnancy Counseling & Birthparent Services, to mentor pregnant women to complete their high school education, learn nutrition and job skills, obtain medical care, housing and jobs. This program has been very successful and should be continued. Karla has volunteered for many years at her Church, the Annunciation, to raise funds for the local life care center that helps pregnant women who need support.

Karla supports funding for pregnancy centers and in home education and nursing care for new mothers. Karla is opposed to abortion but supports exceptions for rape, incest or to save the life of the mother. Karla is also opposed to abortions based on the sex of the child or disability such as Downs’ Syndrome. Karla also supports peri-natal hospice education for health care workers to assist parents who know their child may be born with disability or illness that will lead to death in utero or shortly after birth.

Karla is also opposed to Assisted Suicide.

Transportation Funding

For over sixteen years our state government has underfunded the building and repair of bridges and roads. Our MnDOT district also pays more in taxes than it receives in funding, and Karla will fight for our fair share of MnDOT transportation dollars, because counties and townships need more road and bridge funding.

Karla supports completing the Northstar railroad line from the Twin Cities to Camp Riley. The Northstar Commuter Rail is cheaper than building more lanes of freeway and safer in the winter months. It will provide inexpensive and fast transportation to the Twin Cities for accessing the VA, entertainment or our extended families. It also can provide better transportation for workers to get to jobs.

Decent Wages

Critical to our support for families is a decent wage.  Many large businesses allow management and shareholders to take home unbelievably high incomes while their employees collect food stamps and rely on subsidized housing.

I believe all workers should have the right to work together to make their workplace better and obtain a decent minimum wage.  Every business will have different abilities in the wages they pay, but we should strive to make sure no employee working full time can’t afford a decent home or food.

The current government tells us that welfare costs are out of control, but we know the majority of government assistance goes to support our seniors in nursing homes, disabled persons and persons with mental health issues.

The government is pushing for work requirements for all persons regardless of their true ability to work based on mental illness or physical disability.  A work requirement is fair for the able bodied person who has access to child care   If there are a few families in our community who are dependent on welfare, then it’s time to help them break that cycle of dependency in a humane way, by partnering with trade unions, nonprofits and churches to mentor families in completing their education, learning job skills and applying for jobs.