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Support Candidate Karla Scapanski

Participate in the Minnesota Political Contribution Refund Program

When you contribute $50, you get ALL of it back. If you have a spouse that also contributes, you get $100 back!

When you file a joint Political Contribution Refund Application (PCR), you’ll receive a dollar-for-dollar refund of donations up to $50 for individual filers and up to $100 for joint filers.

Remit to:Karla Scapanski
 PO Box 254
 Rice, MN 56367

You will receive your refund soon after sending in the proper forms.

Upon receiving your contribution, Karla’s volunteer committee will provide you with a credit receipt and a Political Contribution Refund form. After you mail both forms together, the MN Department of Revenue will issue you a check for the donated amount in approximately one month.

The Political Refund Program plays a key role in the political contribution process.

The Minnesota Campaign Refund Program reduces the impact of large contributions and encourages individual donations.

Collect your contribution receipts up to $50 per person or $100 for married couples. You can file and receive a refund for total donations only once per calendar year.

Your Support is Greatly Appreciated!